R&D Lab Technician

The purpose of this job is to assist in the development of new and improved products and packages. The individual is responsible for providing technical support and project work in laboratory, pilot plant and plant environments. Support, implement, and maintain food safety practices. Will be responsible for completing job duties in a manner that supports all plant safety, food safety, quality, and environmental practices.
1.Participates in the development, scale-up and production of new and improved products, packages or test lot materials.Operates laboratory equipment in a consistent and accurate manner according to approved methods. Understands and complies with all food safety and food manufacturing policies and procedures.
2.Conducts experimental designs under direct supervision.Compile, analyze and summarize data into report form.Test summaries require an evaluation of results, generation of reports, graphs and statistical analysis including making recommendations.Obtains and handles samples from cereal production plant/equipment locations to analysis in a safe and sanitary manner consistent with the information required and compliant with GMP's
3.Supports and/or conducts plant tests, packaging projects or production trials under direct supervision.This includes, but is not limited to, preparation of samples, preparation of test formulas, packages and participation in plant-based trials or experiments.
4.Obtains samples and technical information about products that includes but is not limited to, direct measurements of product or package attributes, processing or packaging measurements, production data or quality measures.
5.Conducts studies in laboratory and cereal production plant/equipment locations in a safe and sanitary manner.
6.Conducts routine and non-routine laboratory evaluations of products (chemical, physical and sensory testing).
7.Be available as a technical resource to other technical functions and to corporate departments, including but not limited to Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Sales and Marketing.
8.Maintains complete records of procedures followed, as well as observations and results obtained from product or package measures.
9.All other duties as assigned.
Education: Some post-secondary chemistry, biology, mathematics, statistics or food science or equivalent experience. Four-year degree in a technical field (e.g. chemistry, food science, physics, biology) preferred.
Experience:Two years consumer products experience. Understanding and experience in manufacturing processes, GMP's, general food processing, statistics and laboratory techniques. Product development or quality assurance experience preferred.
Skills: Possess excellent problem solving skills. Ability to work with a personal computer: word processing, spreadsheets, graphing and have demonstrated math/statistical computation skills. Ability to work safely in and around food processing laboratory, pilot plant and plant equipment. Ability to compile, analyze and present collected data in summary form as well as being capable of performing a variety of tests. Must be able to communicate both written and verbally. Works on cross-functional teams; ability to build strong working relationships. Infrequent independent work.
Other:Able to work evenings and/or weekends. Some travel is expected (up to 20%). Ability to lift 25 kg. Must be able to read, write, and communicate in the English language.
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